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Strength in Body & Mind

Christy is a Bikini Division athlete in the IFBB Professional League. She is an online fitness coach and posing coach for up and coming bikini competitors and lifestyle clients. Going through some personal battles, Christy turned to the gym as a means to an end for depression, past history of eating disorders, and overall self improvement.

She was introduced to macro counting as a way to manage balance in her life; permitting social, mental, and physical development to all go hand in hand successfully. Christy believes that there are no “bad foods” and, as an avid foodie, is determined to show society that you can have your cake and eat it too while prioritizing health and fitness simultaneously. Whether they are preparing for stage or simply winning at life, she hopes that everyone finds the freedom in flexible dieting with help from some of her creations. 

Christy, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, currently resides in Burleson, Texas with her husband Ernest, their daughter Kennedy, and their two pups Shelby and Charmin. Christy loves to travel; Mexico and Las Vegas are her favorite spots. Her favorite foods are cookies, birthday cake, Mexican food, pizza, and any kind of pasta! She loves to guide and assist others towards a balanced life of health, nutrition, fitness, and mental symmetry. Her empathetic and loving approach to coaching sets her apart from others in this industry; making her easily approachable and the mentor that her clients are seeking.

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Jessica is a Bikini Division athlete in the National Physique Committee (NPC), and placed in top 5 in every class in her very first show in 2021! She found peace in the gym after enduring a horrendous divorce and used food as a crutch for depression.  Jessica, like a lot of us do, always thought starving herself would help lose weight. She was introduced to macro counting as a way to lose, manage and maintain weight even as a type 1, insulin dependent, diabetic. She is an avid “foodie” and enjoys being able to not have strict restrictions, all while maintaining her health and keeping her blood sugars in control.

Jessica resides in Western Montana, is a single mother of three and works full-time as a Law Enforcement Officer.  She works an array of crazy shifts. She has proven that even being diabetic, working swing shifts and being a full-time mother, you can still find the time to work out and eat healthy. She enjoys traveling, especially to the beach! Her favorite foods are brownies, cookies, Mexican food, all breads and pastas!

If you are planning on stepping on stage, or are seeking to improve overall fitness, Jessica can assist in finding the right fit for your lifestyle, while still being able to enjoy food and time with friends and family.  Her compassion, accountability, one-on-one attention and ability to lead with a “no excuse” approach is what sets her apart from others in the industry. 

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