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What comes with coaching?

I love food!! One of my main objectives is to allow you to eat as much as possible without gaining fat.


​All clients (Lifestyle and Bikini Competitors) receive the following:

  • Coached directly by coach of choice 

  • Accountability partnership

  • 24/7  text access for any and all questions

  • Macro plan directly tailored for your needs

  • Training program tailored for your needs

  • Cardio plan tailored for your needs

  • Supplement recommendations (optional)

  • Weekly check-in videos

  • The Macro Witch E-Book ($25 value)

  • Access to Team Fearless Physiques private Facebook Group

For Bikini Competitors/Contest Prep:

  • Posing sessions included ($50 per session value)

  • Free Hair, Make Up, Jewelry and Suit recommendations/selections 

  • Free tanning advice and instructions (long term cost savings)

  • Free Bikini Competition Prep guide E-Book ($25 value only available to clients)

  • Peak week protocols with daily check-ins

  • Attendance at your National show, Regional shows if schedule permits 

  • Post show metabolic training plan

  • Strategic competition planning and post show recommendations

Coaching: Classes
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